Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip by taxi to Saranggon - Mustapha plaza

Waiting for bus to ferry us to Singapore Zoo. Singapore claims thier Zoo is the best in the world..Waiting for bus at Ang Mo Kio bus hub...my god..Singapore bus servis is to effecient and reliable....easily to travel in Singapore by Public Bus and cheaper some more..I hope one day KL public transport can match our neighbouring country..

My Ryan and his Sisters in MRT Singapore, from MRT we took LRT

Zoey really have fun running around Singapore, this time we really travel to whole Island of Singapore, from Woodland to Sarangoon and from Harbour Water Fron to Jurong. Every corner of Singapore we visited

Fun time...while waiting MRT comming


After several days in Singapore, we look info on the place to get Singapore Halal Food for breakfast...receptionist at hotel we stay recommended us to go to Seranggon..Mustapha Plaza...yes..every where you could find halal food and this place also sell all staff from food, vegi, house hold items till electrical good..very reasonable price..in fact cheaper then Malaysia. computer gadget, hand phone etc cheaper 20% from Low Yat price..I be back to look this place on next visit to Singapore in July or during Raya time

ery corber

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