Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Singapore Nite Safari

In the tram..before the tram move....


My lovely family

Line-up..very-very long for our turn to get tram ride

Wow..long walk..dammm tired at least there is a place to sit

Cool beb...

Cool before we enter the Night Safari..tram..

Let my children chill themselves before another around see the wildlife..

My first hero and my smatrterst..Zoey

While waiting the other group members kept themselves and Ryan kept snapped photo since inside the Night Safari with flash light prohibited .....

Pizzzzzzzzz second hero...Ryan

Zoey and Dr Anis at the entrance of Night Safari

The world's first wildlife park built for visits at night, the Night Safari is not like any ordinary zoo illuminated by the night or a modern version of nocturnal houses found in many zoos around the globe.

Nestled in 40 hectares of lush secondary forest, the Night Safari offers guests the unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. Through the use of subtle lighting technique, guests are able to view over 1,000 nocturnal animals of 100 species in vast naturalistic habitats.

The birth of the Night Safari is a result of a combination of factors. The overwhelming response to night tours conducted at the Zoo in the late 1980s indicated a demand for wholesome night entertainment. Displaying tropical animals at night seemed ideal since 90% of them are nocturnal and, therefore, most active after dusk. Moreover, Singapore is blessed with sunset taking place punctually at 7.30pm, dependably cool nights and little rainfall. These operational advantages make outdoor night attraction perfect.

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