Monday, June 15, 2009

Zoey is going to 7 years old this 18/6/2009


This posting I would like to put under a title of " This Magic Moment". This is specialy dedicated to my lovely son Zoey. To discribe a feeling when we got him.....

I never imagined my self as a parent until the moment 7 years ago, that my fisrt son Zoey was born. But then, I never belived in magic either. Talk about miscalculation my wife become pregnant after 2 months of marrige. I experinced a sinking feling after got to know my lovely wife is pregnant.

On 17th of June, 2002 my wife made her final schedule visit to Dr Norleen, O & G DEMC, Shah Alam. My wife pregnancy was overdue about 2 days then we decided to go for induce since the due date was over i.e on 16th of June, 2009.

We overnight at the hospital and only on 18th of June, 2009 the bottom part only opened 3 continued later...

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