Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lepak at Imbah- Subway in Singapore is not halal

Dear Family blogers

We have line up to have Tuna Sandwich at Subway, Imbah ..but the sale girls remaind us that all stuff is not halal since there is pork or liquor, alamak..we have to order vegi-sandwich.....since all us still under programme weight watcher...vegi is fine to us......after Imbah, we decided to call off our days at Sentosa Island..overall this is very boring and expensive island...we won't be back... this will our first and last....... back to main Island we took cable car and stop at Harbour Water Front instead of Mt Faber...just see how shopping like in Singapore....as usual..every oversea trip..i hate shopping.....most of thing we could get in KL more cheaper and trendy.

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