Monday, June 2, 2008

Express Your Love

Dear Family Bloger

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. Like other men who already has own family, we often het together and reminisce about the good old days. We cherish the sweet memories of our friendship and remembrance of mutual friend/family who have departed.

when we look into the mirror, we see the telltale signs of greying hair and wrinkled skin. Sometime I dye my hair and get skin treatment only find out that no matter what I do, I cant't escape from growing old. The stark reality is that I will not live forever. I have to think about what I want to leave behind. How do i want to be remembered ?

For most of us, life before death is about persuing our careers, ambitions and dreams. We were driven by the need for recognition and success in our careers. Beside that what is really important is not our job only but our relationships with family and friends. We want our loves ones to remember us as people who had lived meaningful lives and left lasting good values and memories of wonderful times together.

We have to treasure every moment we have with family and friends. When the hour comes for us toleave, we will not have time to make up for all bickering in our lives; we certainly do not want to be leave with unresolved bitterness in our hearts. it is important to forgive ourselves, and others, while we are still around.

I love you all. I wish to say I Love U to my lovely sister Mak Ngah [your are very meaningfull in my love, you like my virtual mother.

I love Azian [you are my strenght and pillar in my life];

I love you my sons - Zoey & Ryan [your will be my legacy in my life];

I love you Tok Mama & Tok Abah [ your are my gift mother and father by Allah];

I love you to all my nephews and nieces [effa, anis, fieda, aji, boboi, suraya and others] please take care my children.Make them like your own son.

I love you suhaimi [you are my good life friend]

I love you Rezal [your are my good business partner]

I love u and love you all.



Fieda said...

Yea.. we should appreciate people around us who are always love us..

We all love you to..


Azman & Azian said...

Tq -kak Eida