Thursday, June 19, 2008

Matun Health condition as at 19/6/2008

Dear Family Bloger

I have visited Matun at UH - Maternity Ward. She looks good and improving. Latest medical check - up on her eyes confirmed that one of eye (not sure either left or right) only functioning 5%. It means she is nearly blind and Dr will do all thier best to save the other one.

We have spoken to Oncologiest on her kidney condition and duly confirmed that her kidney is improving save for potasium still high then usual others is fine and probably the Oncoligiest shall given green light to O & G Dr to discharge her from hospital.

Boboi is leaving to off-shore [oil rigs] on this saturday since 2 months on leave. He felt sad and feeling guilty and uncertainty since wife and his son still in ward.

Daniel is doing fine and currently his weight is 1.3kg.

thank you.

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