Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zoey 6th Birthday

Dear Family Bloger

Yesterday, 18/6/2008 was my first son, Zoey birthday. He always looking forward for his birthday. He kept reminding us and save the date on every family member's hand phone even flash in his blog of his birthday and request for present.

On the Day of his birthday, he woke up very early, not like ordinary school day, which very difficult to awake him and sometimes the volume of Yan voice could make everybody awake and good of it none us has fail to perform the Subuh Prayer.

On the day, he straight knock Atuk Abah's room to awake for Atuk Abah to hug and kiss for the birthday. He reminded Mummy to buy cake, to take to school; and we bought 2 cakes from secret recipe, our usual family favourite cake "carrot slice".

On the night, Atuk Mama invited her 2 close sisters and her kids to come along for small celebration since for this 2 weeks is Zoey's final term exam. Wish him all the best and I Love You. You are my only Lover.

I did take photo for the celebration and could post in this blog in near future.

Thanks Allah SWT given me this smart, cute and gifted child...I appreciate and will ensure to give the best I could for Zoey to become smart, cute, pious man in the future.


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