Sunday, June 22, 2008

Matun's Health Condition as at 23/6/2008 11.30am

Dear Family Bloger

Matun yet to be discharge from ward. She still in Maternity Ward of UH. Due to no green light from oncologist [Dr - in charge buah pinggang] [since her level of cretin in his blood currently 160- surpass 100 as normal person] and O & G only able to release her upon clarence given from oncologist. The rest she is doing fine.

Daniel is healthy and still in incubator. His weight is currently 1.50kg. Para Medic has tried to feed him using bottle but he still unable to suck properly and tried to"mengeraskan badan" when nipple been put in his mouth. Dr shall put him at normal ward if he is able to control his own body temperature.

Boboi [Matun's Husband] already left to off shore on last Saturday and will be back in 1 month time.

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Fieda said...

Yea.. baby danial.. cant wait to see you...