Thursday, June 26, 2008

Halimatun Discharge from Hospital on 26/6/2008

Dear Family Blogers

Please be informed that Matun was discharged from hospital on 26/6/2008. Alhamdullilah. Finally, her wishes was came true. She can't wait to be back to normal life and back to her home at Taman Medan after 44 days in hospital.

As at 26/6/2008 she was 40 days on confinement and another 4 days she has to complete before "merdeka" from "berpantang".

Anyway she still has to make continuous medical check up on her endocrinologist, cardiologist, O & G and oftomologist.

Baby Daniel still in in NCU and still in incubator since he still unable to self control his body temperature. His weight at this material time is 1.6kg. para medic is trying to feed him using bottle but need time to do adjustment since he very complacent drinking milk direct from tube.

Kindly take note, probably I will not writing anything sad story about Matun after this, more on happy tune.

Good luck Matun.

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Fieda said...

Alhamdulillah.. and congrats to kak matun discharges from ward and come back to continue normal life...