Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hai - Latest on Matun Health Condition

Dear Family Blogger

Matun health condition is progressing well. Apart from my early posting, her oxygen mask getting smaller then last 2 days. She progressing and Baby Daniel also progressing in incubator save for her infection still closely monitor by the para medic and Dr in NCU.

Hoping by few day time, Dr able to discharge her from ICU and back to maternity ward under post-natal treatment.

For Boboy, he already decided to start work next 2 week regardless anything happen, since Matun & Baby's hospital bill quite exorbitant - without back to rig he collecting basic salary without allowances.

Thank you. This is my report for today - as at 8.00pm 5/6/2008.

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Fieda said...

Yeah... good... hope kak matun get well soon