Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Matun Latest Health Condition

Dear family bloger

I have visited Matun on 4/6/2008 at 12.45pm till 1.45 pm on Wednesday. Her health condition having positive improvement. She improving. Dr had in tube her and nor more oxygen tube direct to her mouth. She currently back to face mask oxcigen and learning to breath as normal person. She currently under physoitharaphy - learning proper technique of breathing.

Her skin and muscle more elastic look like no more water retention in her body. Her lung is improving and very minimal water still left. Her heart also improving but still consider weak. 35% friction [normal person is 75%] Dr has advised her not to over do it in any physical movement.

Dialysis already stopped and Dr hoping to let her in ICU another 3 more days later back her to maternity ward under post natal.

Baby Daniel also progressing well currently been placed in incubator and his weight now increasing to 1.19kg [born - 1.15kg]

Alhamdullilah Matun- Our prayer was answered by Allah SWT.

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